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Jan 12, 2010

Version 1.02.2 released.

  • Adds a measure of the time of the "foot" of individual events (intersection of the baseline with the 20%-80% rise time line) (function DETECT).
  • Adds a button in the window DetectedEvents to superimpose tagged events. Events can be aligned on their "foot" time, half-rise time or peak time.
  • Fixes a bug in function LoadABF which was causing the function to abort.
  • Adds better graphs for Freq/Amp plots.
  • Fixes a bug related to saving the analysis parameters in the wave "params".
  • Some code cleanup.
Jan 07, 2010

Version 1.02.1 released.

  • Removed Popupmenu in Correlogram section for better compatibility with Wine. Replaced by Checkboxes.
Jan 04, 2010

Version 1.02 released.

  • Fixes bugs in functions LoadABF, SpAcAnGeneralFit and Correlogram. Also adds the possibility to visualize raw and shuffled correlograms.
Dec 30, 2009

Version 1.01 released.

Dec 29, 2009

SpAcAn.net launched!


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