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SpAcAn, Tagging-Based Analysis of Spontaneous Activity in IGOR Pro

SpAcAn (Spontaneous Activity Analysis) is a collection of IGOR Pro  functions for the detection and analysis of spontaneously occuring (non-triggered) events in electrophysiological recordings, such as spikes and synaptic currents and potentials. SpAcAn is developed by electrophysiologists for electrophysiologists and is open-source.

SpAcAn is also available at:

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SpAcAn's Main Features

  • An easy to use graphical user interface.
  • Two- channel event detection and analysis.
  • Manual inspection and selection (tagging) of detected events.
  • Fit  functions for analyzing the decay kinetics of individual synaptic events.
  • Common plots (ISI and amplitude histograms, correlograms, event-triggered average etc).
  • Saving/loading analysis independently of IGOR's experiments (in version > 1.05).


Feedback is more than welcome. Register in the Login section to access the forum and post comments, requests and bug reports. Alternatively, or to join the team, write to: postmaster [at] spacan [dot] net.


SpAcAn is developed by Guillaume P. Dugué and Charly Rousseau and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. Copies of the code should be distributed with their original identification headers. Thanks for citing SpAcAn whenever possible.



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